I was joking a few weeks ago with Karen that only she could find a paying dog handling job that involved an all-expense paid trip to Buffalo, NY in February.

What ever happened to Dog Shows in Florida in Winter??

Anyway, I bagged work early to pick up a rental car, and helped her get on the way in a timely enough manner to get in before midnight.

Me thinks it will be could enough this weekend that I will be glad to be a bit further from the Great lakes than she.

The remainder of today was mostly hauling wood (which I did not do last night or this morning knowing I would be able to grab it as I needed this afternoon), throwing dogs out of the house into the cold, cold world (they have a fence and a fur coat, they will live)and listing used books on Ebay. Its February, no one is buying so it gives me the opportunity to get to the listing threshold that seems to work best.

I will mostly be communing with the computer tomorrow, on various and sundry projects ranging from the remainder of my associates' mid-year reviews to a kids curriculum webpage. I truly hate review time. Particularly because I have to hold off communicating to the work force waiting for my immediate boss to convince our General Manager for the NE that we are not going to make up the umpteen-tens of thousands of dollars we are short in revenue by holding off on 50 cent an hour raises for the warehouse workers.

Hopefully common sense will prevail. I am not a bible thumper (yes I can hear the resounding "Duh)but a quote comes to mind -- something about binding the mouths of the kin that grind the corn. Has never been a good idea and never will be.

Though [ profile] matociquala has promised to stop by bearing Orange Chocolate Pound Cake en route to dinner with real human beings.

Grog LIKE Chocolate



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