I did not know how until recently. There are still some that would argue I don't do it well. Actually, it would not be much of an argument as I would tend to agree.

I have been off work technically a week -- reality is I took 3.5 days off last week and only physically went into work once. I also did about a half days worth of telecommuting.

Other than that, I have been alternating between indolent and productive -- wrote one point five children's books that may never see the light but that I may have found someone to illustrate -- if so I may have to run some beta testing partcularly with anyone who either has children or raised them. They are basically grabby non-fiction for young kids (or at least, I hope they are grabby) and a little over 4,200 words on two different adult books -- one a semi-real fictional novel that I have abondoned for the moment in favor of a somewhat horror/fantasy genre book that I am finding fun to spend time with.

Monday I will be talking with the fellow who might do the illustrations. If there is a "real" copy soon I will start soliciting Beta Testers in earnest.

Karen has been tolerant of the fact I really don't know how to take time off -- and had poked me a couple times so that I would work on my one declared house project for this vacation, the GARAGE. We are about 1/2 a dozen boxes into a hundred box pile, but some of them were big boxes so at least there is visible progress.

Did want to share one amusing moment -- we were watching Bill Maher for want of anything more interesting on TV. Trace Adkins and Def Comedy Jam's D.L. Hughley were on the same show.Karen observed that even when true country/western people don't agree with someone that they are polite.

I stated "That's what happens when you have a heavily armed populace."

What do you think?



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