I am so totally unamused with the beating that Geraldine Ferraro is taking, for speaking her political opinion.

I heard the NPR program that the quote comes from, and taken out of context does not do justice for what is going on right now.

Her statement was related to the topic of the show, which was that there is a much greater taint of sexism in this campaign than racism, a topic which initially could find air-time only on Saturday Night Live and NPR but no where in between.

Do I think Hillary Clinton is a perfect candidate? No. Does she come with baggage, not the least of which is her husband? Yes.

Is Geraldine Ferraro's comment, at least on the surface, based strongly in fact? In my opinion, yes.

As much as people deride Clinton for her first political experiences being "meddling" as the first lady of Arkansas and then the United States, she does have a number of years of experience in the public arena. If her resume was minus Bill and included only what Barak Obama has on his resume, this race would have been between John Edwards and Barak Obama, not Hillary and Barak.

I have even seen editorials by long-standing Democrat leaning political commentators that basically agree that McCain should fear an Obama nomination more than a Clinton nomination because people will accept bashing a woman, particularly with the surname "Clinton" but that any negative comment regarding Barak Obama HAS to be rooted in racism and not in genuine opinion of experience or character.

That said, if he is the nominee, I will vote for him rather than John McCain. But it will be a vote with much trepidation of how he got there and how little is available regarding the real Barak Obama based on the general lack of press scrutiny.

Another comment that Geraldine Ferraro made that is NOT being included in this debate is a point that I will repeat. During the South Carolina primary rallies, John McCain was asked the question from the audience (by a woman), "How do you intend to beat the Bitch?" referring to Hillary Clinton. He paused, thought for a moment, and replied with, "That's a good question!" then when onto discuss what he felt was his points of strength in a nation-wide primary.

Replace Bitch with a derogatory word for an African-American, and the same response would have hit the national news and caused an uprising against McCain and a neo-fascist racist. Instead, it was a crowd pleaser.

Off my soapbox, but I had to say it somewhere.



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