I have successfully spent two days avoiding completing associate reviews in my "off" time.

I have, instead,

1) Fed [livejournal.com profile] matociquala on her way to Boskone for elbow rubbing.

2) Gotten mildly addicted to the Shadow Unit fictional TV series website that is the brain child of [livejournal.com profile] coffeem but the love child of several names of note in the current genre fiction scene. Spent time writing fanfic and being amused by the growing community. As with most anything I write, not exciting, but I like to think it is sound. You decide: SU Fanfic

3) Hauled wood. More to follow.

4) Amused the semi-sentient four-legs in the house and ensuring their minimal physical and emotional needs are met while "Mom" is off showing other people's dogs.

5) Read a couple of the Mistmantle books. Its enough to make me quit running the squirrels off when they go for the bird feeder.

6) Cleaned out some of my work e-mail.

7) Picked at some web building. I'll start providing the link to folks when I think there is some there worth seeing.

9) Sent out multiple e-mails requesting permission to use photos on above forementioned site.

10) Extracted at least one vehicle out of the snow in the front yard due to the melt off black ice that formed there.

It wasn't particularly in that order, but do I get an "A" in procrastination?

Or is it just rebellion from too many hours at work cumulative the last 2 years?



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