Are really quite pleasan, even when it is not your very own holy day.

I have truly been neglectful of bloggging of late. Between the end of year warehouse sale, growing activity in the somewhat competitive grind of doing some SEO and web writing as a side gig, a wicked sick dog (now better and crashed next to me on the couch) holiday festivities and they like, my often neglected live journal became moreso.

We had much quiet fun Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the festivities help in the house of many dogs. We met some new people in their search for a new puppy -- and I think slightly amazed them after the vociferous greeting period in how quiet and sane a house with 8 dogs actually can be. They were native Irish, living in the Boston area because the husband was a programmer and the wages are not even in the same world as they would be for him at home. He got a Blackberry recently, so his wife is getting a dog. Makes perfect sense to me.

I have no resolutions to post, no quirky comments of insightful observations. Just a wish for a better year for all of us.



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