Jun. 13th, 2009

Year End Physical Inventory is DUN.

I am a little more grey.

Whoever nicknamed this YEPI! had a miserably punny sense of humor.

But today is the first day of eleven before I have to go back to work, though there may be some irritating odds, ends and spreadsheets that I will need to address in the interim.

So, given that I fell away from that task, I am once Mowing to Mordor. Based on the time on task today, I have Crossed The Water on a plank bridge, but not quite made it to Tookland. But the day is not over.

Before picture:

After Picture:

And, of course, The Silly Old Dog surveying the boundary between mowed and unmowed. She approves of yard work and gardening as the only house dog trustworthy off lead to "help" in the front yard.

Karen was in Topsfield, MA with our girl Eiledon's Uri de Lindeau. I did not attend as Uri is much easier to show solo than with company. If she goes with one person, she is happy and adjusted. If she has two to keep track of, she is a mess to try and show. She officially is now Ch. Eiledon's Uri de Lindeau -- we had thought she finished a month ago but we counted one win incorrectly and she was a point short.

It is a good thing we never cut down our dogs.

She is also making noises of coming into season, so it is nice that she is officially a champion before the breeding. It does not change the quality of the dog, but many puppy buyers have a hard time digesting that since so many people make much-ado about "Champion Bloodlines". With enough money, any dog can finish in the US. Doing it on a budget, now that is an accomplishment.

I will post the official championship picture when it comes. But the fake championship photo (from when we THOUGHT she finished) is available here



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