Mar. 9th, 2008 08:25 pm
Woke up to .... no power.

And a fresh head cold.

As quirky as the house we rent is, there are certain distinct advantages:

1) wood as an alternative form of heat (actually, we use it virtually as a primary with the forced air-gas being the "backup" at night when the fires burn low)

2) gas stove

3) LOTS of windows

4) decent sized in house water bladders (probably 35 gallons pressurized at rest)

So it was a quiet but uneventful morning other than the fact that I am a MUCH easier person to deal with post major traumatic injury than mid-cold. Even I can't stand myself and find me rather pathetic.

I continued in what I consider "research" for the book that I actually took a swing at starting when I was off from work for a couple weeks. Right now I have finished one Daniel Silverman book (The Kill Artist), one Special Forces book, and I have started a novel called "The Poisonwood Bible" -- a book covering 30 years in the post-colonial Congo with a missionary family. Once I complete that I will go back to writing, a bit more educated about the sight, smells and daily life of the villages there. That won't be the end of the research, but that will be enough to let me re-work some of what's done and get a bit more plot/scenes on paper.

Off to more cold medicine and orange juice.....



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