Karen in off to points south to show one of the dogs and I have just prepped the basement for a new arrival.

The kind where we are waiting to find out if it will be a situation of "no good deed goes unpunished".

We have FINALLY found a home for a young male we took 2 years ago because another dog breeder was having a VERY hard time placing an accidental litter. He hasn't left yet but he soon will.

And now we are taking in another. This time a two year old who is leaving his home because his people were too stupid to listen for the last three years.

Yes, I know the math doesn't really compute.

Unfortunately we are somewhat responsible for these people having Briards. And they started out a fine and responsible home. But when they planned and executed thier first breeding, they ignored simple advice.

Don't keep a male.

If you do, he and your current male MUST be kept physically seperate.

Call is class arrogance (at the time, they truly had more money than they knew what to do with). Call it newbie know it all (as with many fields, oftentimes once people learn the basics they decide they know it all). Call it self delusion or excessive anthropomorphism ("My fluffy would never become the Cujo you are describing just because his mother is in season.")

At the end of the day, the dog I am picking up tomorrow from Bradley comes with a shaved neck and over 100 individual tooth wounds from a run in with the 3rd intact male (this one a Rhodesian Ridgeback) that the couple allowed on the property when their highly immature twenty-something son moved home.

Oh, by the way, for anyone reading this that has never seen me in person, I have only slightly fewer scars along my forearms from having made the mistake of either leaving a door open or forgetting to check if a dog was still out when opening a crate. So while I understand being that stupid, it still hurts to watch someone step off the curb after you pointed the bus out.

So his rehab will hopefully be my own as well. There is a very visceral part of me that evokes a fight or flight response when a large black dog goes off. The goal here will be getting him to un-learn so many of the responses he has learned in his old house to make him safe in another multi-dog situation. And everyone around him safe as well.


I actually asked the people to send him while Karen was gone because I generally do better with nervous or aggressive dogs without backup.

It helps with focus.

Kinda like ledges and high speeds on wet roads.
I am so totally unamused with the beating that Geraldine Ferraro is taking, for speaking her political opinion.

I heard the NPR program that the quote comes from, and taken out of context does not do justice for what is going on right now.

Her statement was related to the topic of the show, which was that there is a much greater taint of sexism in this campaign than racism, a topic which initially could find air-time only on Saturday Night Live and NPR but no where in between.

Do I think Hillary Clinton is a perfect candidate? No. Does she come with baggage, not the least of which is her husband? Yes.

Is Geraldine Ferraro's comment, at least on the surface, based strongly in fact? In my opinion, yes.

As much as people deride Clinton for her first political experiences being "meddling" as the first lady of Arkansas and then the United States, she does have a number of years of experience in the public arena. If her resume was minus Bill and included only what Barak Obama has on his resume, this race would have been between John Edwards and Barak Obama, not Hillary and Barak.

I have even seen editorials by long-standing Democrat leaning political commentators that basically agree that McCain should fear an Obama nomination more than a Clinton nomination because people will accept bashing a woman, particularly with the surname "Clinton" but that any negative comment regarding Barak Obama HAS to be rooted in racism and not in genuine opinion of experience or character.

That said, if he is the nominee, I will vote for him rather than John McCain. But it will be a vote with much trepidation of how he got there and how little is available regarding the real Barak Obama based on the general lack of press scrutiny.

Another comment that Geraldine Ferraro made that is NOT being included in this debate is a point that I will repeat. During the South Carolina primary rallies, John McCain was asked the question from the audience (by a woman), "How do you intend to beat the Bitch?" referring to Hillary Clinton. He paused, thought for a moment, and replied with, "That's a good question!" then when onto discuss what he felt was his points of strength in a nation-wide primary.

Replace Bitch with a derogatory word for an African-American, and the same response would have hit the national news and caused an uprising against McCain and a neo-fascist racist. Instead, it was a crowd pleaser.

Off my soapbox, but I had to say it somewhere.


Mar. 9th, 2008 08:25 pm
Woke up to .... no power.

And a fresh head cold.

As quirky as the house we rent is, there are certain distinct advantages:

1) wood as an alternative form of heat (actually, we use it virtually as a primary with the forced air-gas being the "backup" at night when the fires burn low)

2) gas stove

3) LOTS of windows

4) decent sized in house water bladders (probably 35 gallons pressurized at rest)

So it was a quiet but uneventful morning other than the fact that I am a MUCH easier person to deal with post major traumatic injury than mid-cold. Even I can't stand myself and find me rather pathetic.

I continued in what I consider "research" for the book that I actually took a swing at starting when I was off from work for a couple weeks. Right now I have finished one Daniel Silverman book (The Kill Artist), one Special Forces book, and I have started a novel called "The Poisonwood Bible" -- a book covering 30 years in the post-colonial Congo with a missionary family. Once I complete that I will go back to writing, a bit more educated about the sight, smells and daily life of the villages there. That won't be the end of the research, but that will be enough to let me re-work some of what's done and get a bit more plot/scenes on paper.

Off to more cold medicine and orange juice.....
Okay, so there are about 50 other projects/things I should be doing, but instead I want to contemplate a freiend near and dear to most of our hearts -- the Television Geek.

In turning on the NCIS marathon for background noise this morning, Karen spouted out an interesting truth: Its cool to be a geek these days.

CSI, NCIS, Bones, House, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds. I have never been a large consumer of network television from an active watching perspective but have always considered it a form or white noise. But the characters that are drawing millions of watchers that object to "reality" television is indeed, the geek.

Geeks (mostly) have jobs. Geeks have interests. Geek usually have money.

And our market economy in the form of television which has smart and socially awkward characters saving the world putting away one "bad guy" at time.

Its a beautiful thing. Vive les Geeks!
I have successfully spent two days avoiding completing associate reviews in my "off" time.

I have, instead,

1) Fed [ profile] matociquala on her way to Boskone for elbow rubbing.

2) Gotten mildly addicted to the Shadow Unit fictional TV series website that is the brain child of [ profile] coffeem but the love child of several names of note in the current genre fiction scene. Spent time writing fanfic and being amused by the growing community. As with most anything I write, not exciting, but I like to think it is sound. You decide: SU Fanfic

3) Hauled wood. More to follow.

4) Amused the semi-sentient four-legs in the house and ensuring their minimal physical and emotional needs are met while "Mom" is off showing other people's dogs.

5) Read a couple of the Mistmantle books. Its enough to make me quit running the squirrels off when they go for the bird feeder.

6) Cleaned out some of my work e-mail.

7) Picked at some web building. I'll start providing the link to folks when I think there is some there worth seeing.

9) Sent out multiple e-mails requesting permission to use photos on above forementioned site.

10) Extracted at least one vehicle out of the snow in the front yard due to the melt off black ice that formed there.

It wasn't particularly in that order, but do I get an "A" in procrastination?

Or is it just rebellion from too many hours at work cumulative the last 2 years?

I was joking a few weeks ago with Karen that only she could find a paying dog handling job that involved an all-expense paid trip to Buffalo, NY in February.

What ever happened to Dog Shows in Florida in Winter??

Anyway, I bagged work early to pick up a rental car, and helped her get on the way in a timely enough manner to get in before midnight.

Me thinks it will be could enough this weekend that I will be glad to be a bit further from the Great lakes than she.

The remainder of today was mostly hauling wood (which I did not do last night or this morning knowing I would be able to grab it as I needed this afternoon), throwing dogs out of the house into the cold, cold world (they have a fence and a fur coat, they will live)and listing used books on Ebay. Its February, no one is buying so it gives me the opportunity to get to the listing threshold that seems to work best.

I will mostly be communing with the computer tomorrow, on various and sundry projects ranging from the remainder of my associates' mid-year reviews to a kids curriculum webpage. I truly hate review time. Particularly because I have to hold off communicating to the work force waiting for my immediate boss to convince our General Manager for the NE that we are not going to make up the umpteen-tens of thousands of dollars we are short in revenue by holding off on 50 cent an hour raises for the warehouse workers.

Hopefully common sense will prevail. I am not a bible thumper (yes I can hear the resounding "Duh)but a quote comes to mind -- something about binding the mouths of the kin that grind the corn. Has never been a good idea and never will be.

Though [ profile] matociquala has promised to stop by bearing Orange Chocolate Pound Cake en route to dinner with real human beings.

Grog LIKE Chocolate
I did not know how until recently. There are still some that would argue I don't do it well. Actually, it would not be much of an argument as I would tend to agree.

I have been off work technically a week -- reality is I took 3.5 days off last week and only physically went into work once. I also did about a half days worth of telecommuting.

Other than that, I have been alternating between indolent and productive -- wrote one point five children's books that may never see the light but that I may have found someone to illustrate -- if so I may have to run some beta testing partcularly with anyone who either has children or raised them. They are basically grabby non-fiction for young kids (or at least, I hope they are grabby) and a little over 4,200 words on two different adult books -- one a semi-real fictional novel that I have abondoned for the moment in favor of a somewhat horror/fantasy genre book that I am finding fun to spend time with.

Monday I will be talking with the fellow who might do the illustrations. If there is a "real" copy soon I will start soliciting Beta Testers in earnest.

Karen has been tolerant of the fact I really don't know how to take time off -- and had poked me a couple times so that I would work on my one declared house project for this vacation, the GARAGE. We are about 1/2 a dozen boxes into a hundred box pile, but some of them were big boxes so at least there is visible progress.

Did want to share one amusing moment -- we were watching Bill Maher for want of anything more interesting on TV. Trace Adkins and Def Comedy Jam's D.L. Hughley were on the same show.Karen observed that even when true country/western people don't agree with someone that they are polite.

I stated "That's what happens when you have a heavily armed populace."

What do you think?
That a 60 hour a week job is no excuse for missing word count.......

does novel in 90 count if I get 80% of my word count the next two weeks that I am actually taking off from my day job?

So far word count looks like

1/1/08 476
1/2/08 68 (yeah, I know it barely counts but.....)
1/3/08 72
1/4/08 83
1/5/08 128 (yes I worked said infamous day job Saturday)
1/6/08 693 (another 260 ish on another project -- I know it doesn't count)
1/7/08 through 1/9 80-ish daily, mostly plot/action(still long hand, hence the ish)

Even the sub-100 days only happen by staying away from the internet and livejournal.

Sigh. Must. Go. To. Work. Again.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:37 pm
First off, as my first post went up, and even though it DOESN'T count, I will likely be an averaging kind 'o girl for this 90 day wonder novel camp.

My workaholism in other areas, a.k.a my day job, keeps me prone to that.

Heck, it even gets in the way of non-dedicated activities such as a standard blog.

However, for your entertainment and my detriment, there will be a weekly update with an admission of the by day word count for everyone's reading pleasure.

The novel: evolution of someone who grew up in an IRA family, moved to the states, was motivated by 9/11 to join the Army, and the change from revolutionary to father defending adopted country to disillusioned somewhat twisted former SF.

On second thought it may be an ARC.
Okay, so I will not exactly be chewing my cud here, but the pic fits when I am on the contemplative side of life.

Its funny the routines that grow comfortable. Take one of the changes (or returns) that moving back to New England and slight out in the country makes.

Such as heating with wood.

Okay, so Karen and I don't EXACTLY heat with wood but the wood goes a long way towards stretching the propane dollars. And while the propane prices haven't bled over as badly into the insane as oil prices have, at 2.75 a gallon having alternative sources makes some sense.

I know it probably doesn't really reduce our collective carbon footprint, but the guy that brings the wood is the same guy that plows the driveway (it is long enough that shoveling is not a realistic option)and his wood travels less that 30 miles from where it comes from private landowners and landscaping tree removal. Nothing is clear cut to get it so that has to count for something.

Last year when we started this, I began to learn slowly why people often move back to more "civilized" mods of living.

My other wood guy was a crook, bringing short cords and green wood.

I also was a idiot, unschooled in the use of the tarp to keep wood dry. Weeks of kicking ice blocks away to get at the wood pile has largely accelerated that learning curve. While the first load of this season did not get completely piled post delivery, I did at least heap the bulk of it under the tarp before the first "wehtha" hit.

Next step in this education will be asking the delivery guy to strategically place the pile closer to house level, so that hauling wood can have a distinctively absent phrase "up the hill". Currently, all wood hauling includes that reference. Woof.

Karen is off doing what we refer to as "making the donuts". Most days I am the one haring off to the cold dark world, but she happened across a paying dog-handling job a few weekends back. So today I am tending fires and caring for dogs while she had the commute east into Boston to show a six month old German Wire Hair Pointer puppy named "Doc". He is 6 months old and a stomach on legs.

I took my life into my hands by refilling the bird feeder in the middle of Chickadee breakfast. They are bold. On the way back to the tree with feeder in hand I almost had company from one of the little mad-black caps.

The simple things. They still amuse.

Much Beset

Aug. 21st, 2007 06:14 am
Got home after 9:30 pm (catch-up day from 3 days out of office at yet another meeting) and our warehouse sale preparations has me almost at the point that will get the writers in the crowd booing.

Books. I hate them all. A lot.

At least my work hours mean I get off light on the cat sitting. My mornings go something like this.

Cat: Let me ooooooouuuuuttttt!!!

Sub-Monkey: K. Come do e-mail with me.

Cat: Sub-monkey, I'm bored. Entertain me.

Sub-monkey: You want entertained before I get coffee. I have an entertaining idea, I'll open the door to the big hairy beast so he can come say "hi".

Cat: Sub-moooonnnnkkkkkeeeyyy, you're mean.

Sub-monkey: Ayuh. Now rumble quietly at my feet or I'll get the hairy thing.

Cat: RRRRuuuuuuuppppppp! Your spelling is miserable.

Sub-monkey: Grunt.
Putin and Bush hang out in Maine for a few days, the next thing you know we have the type of military muscle flexing that is about the ONLY thing that could get us either a Republican president or even higher oil prices.

Just because I am paranoid...does it really mean I'm wrong?
My first one was "like in nature to the kangeroo"

my second:

beth --

A level headed person who always makes the wrong decision

I will have to do research to see which one actually fits better......

I spent my birthday at work, but one of the guys bought me lunch (albeit Wendy's but hey, I know what he gets paid so it was a magnanimous gesture)
Time with important people in one's life good.

Sunburn bad.

However, after 30-something years with very fair skin I should know better than to go with a muscle shirt option sans sunscreen.

I can vouch, however, for the quality of the "hot-dog" stand food at Elizabeth Pack along the Hartford/West Hartford line.
Is that sometimes it does provide unique opportunities.

I have never stepped foot in the state of Florida, even though [profile] usershesingsnow has lived there 9 years.

Some catching up is much better over a cup of coffee than over the phone. Or via livejournal.

It wsa too bad it was such a turn and burn trip as I would have liked to at least see a wild palm tree instead of the hostages at the airport.
Can be fun,

As I sit at a public, pay-by-cash-or credit-card e-terminal, I am amused.

Although I must admit, sitting in an airport in Orlando at this time of year is not amusing. Why people would travel to Florida in the summer if NOT dragged kicking a screaming for a business meeting, I am not sure I understand. Unless you are coming from somewhere even hotter and more humid.

I actually can't complain, except from the standpoint of my company's fiscal responsibility -- they flew 12 of us from all over the country to stay one night in an airport hotel (probably $200/night) for a 6 hour meting.

To help us meet finacial goals.

Irony, anyone?

Now the proud owner operator of a Dell. It may be as old as the defunct e-machine but it seems to handle graphics MUCH better and with the dual DVD/DVD-CD-Rom setup looks like I may have some limited burn capability. It seems to have a fairly standard configuration for its day and probably needs more memory (currently 256) but at least Dell-compatible memory is not hard to come by.

Spent last evening over at a one of my co-workers for a small private barbeque. It was a nice break in the madness.
Used the Wilbraham GIS service to look up her partner's last name so we can send a thank you card.

Technology is grand when it works.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 11:37 pm

sometimes having friends in low places is a good thing.

A guy named Jim runs our local transfer station. When I whined to him about my current computer woes, he took me around back to the private portion of our "give and take"

Dell Pentium 4, Model 4550. I verified that it boots then jumped off and back onto the Dinosaur to grab the driver I need to set up the wireless internet.

Hardley a new machine, but saved me hunting high and lower for an economic replacement for the defunct e-machine.
I refer to my organic one.

Forgot my damn gmail password a long time ago (neglected to use one of my standards) and our desktop PC with it saved **died** this morning of a common e-machine ailment -- power supply death.

have to wait 2 days to get into it so if anyone needs anything, call.

Fortunately we are not without net access -- the DINOSAUR is up and running.



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